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  • Business Insurance Management, Inc. (BIM) offers a comprehensive policy that addresses the unique coverage requirements for companies that provide pest control services. Our program offers coverages for: General Liability, Workers Compensation,Property, Automobile, Bonds and more..  

  • Coverage is provided on an admitted basis in most states

  • Package Policy - All coverage including auto may be written on one policy

  • Pollution Liability for the transportation of pesticides

  • Pest Inspection Damage Liability

  • Exterminators Liability

  • Care, Custody, and Control coverage for job sites


PCO's Commercial Insurance Program

Business Insurance Management, Inc. (BIM) Offers  is a state-of-the-art insurance programs for today’s Pest Control Operators (PCO's), always offering the broadest coverage on the market. Our programs are designed to meet the complex coverage needs of PCOs. As new pests rear their ugly heads and new treatment methods hit the market, we continually work hard to make sure our programs provide the coverage you have come to expect from BIM.

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